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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Maryka Malano Celebrancy online. You will find that my website highlights the wide variety of services  available to you. Please feel free to read more about the services I can provide, I would love to greet you and share with you, the types of rituals and ceremonies that I can produce to suit your needs. 

My Mission


I believe that all people have a free choice to believe in whatever is right for them, whether, religious, non- religious, pagan, wicca, or anything in between. My mission is to ensure that all who seek my services, have the ability to to express their individual ideas and obtain a service that suits the needs of themselves, their families and so on. I do personalise all of my scripts and aim to ensure that every person has the service that meets their needs and that everyone is fully self-expressed. We are all children of the same Universe.   



I am a Minister for the Universal Life Church and I can offer a service that suits the needs fo the family and their dearly departed. Funerals can be religious, pagan or atheist and each ceremony is scripted to meet the needs of the family. 



The Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Funerals

  • Pagan Handfasting Ceremonies and Handparting  

  • Love / Commitment Ceremonies & Separation Ceremonies

  • Pet Funerals

  • Naming ceremonies- Baby, Youth & Adult

  • Pagan Ceremonies Incorporating Rituals & Symbols

  • Boat Namings & Launches

  • House Blessing & Cleansings

  • Birthdays 

  • Individual Rite of Passage custom designed for special rituals and ceremonies, including Halloween, Winter Solstice and Global Rites such as Jupiter Success and Juno wealth. 

  • I am able to conduct personal energy system cleansing ceremonies 

  • Zone Rites and land consecration

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This Week's Sermon

This week, I was reflecting on a conversation that I had with a lady. She was concerned about how her daughter deals with seeing her daddy grieve, over the loss of his loved family member and saying nasty things to mummy. I think it is important to remember that once a word is spoken, it can never be swallowed. This lady mentioned to me that she explains to her daughter that, "daddy does not mean those nasty things and mummy is okay," although, she witnesses her mummy cry and display signs of being very upset. I said to the lady, "that it is by your actions that your little girl learns, as a child, they feel and observe, then make up a story about what they have witnessed. It matters not how one logically explains what is going on. People feel and pick up non-verbally, more than verbally and especially children, they often take the blame for issues that are not theirs." So, the reason I am writing about this is because, there are many times in life we find ourselves making assumptions about things, even as adults, where there is a lack of information, data or ambiguity, we tend to fill in the gaps, blame ourselves or others. 


So, next time, you find yourself, making assumptions, filling in the gaps, ask yourself the question, "What other necessary information could I be lacking? What else could possibly be going on here? Sometimes, there are other possible scenarios and sometimes, we blame ourselves for things that are not ours to be responsible for. When you find yourself in a situation where you have been less than respectful, be responsible for cleaning up your own mess and move forward. 

Be excellent to one another and be excellent to yourself and the true test of our strength lies in our behaviour, our ability to put into practice the principles we hold dear.


Until next week, many bright blessings.


Minister Maryka Malano

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