Welcome to my services page, as listed on the Home page, you can see that I offer all types of Services to suit your needs. If you require a Rites of Passage Service not listed, please feel free to contact me, to discuss your needs. 

This is a time when people are at their most vulnerable and in need of support. I have experienced this, by conducting the eulogy at my mother's funeral, I know how challenging and emotional this day can be, allow me to be your support and attend to your needs on one of the most emotional days in life. I will listen to you and be guided by your needs and I will care for you and give you and your family and friends a service to be remembered throughout  your days - A special tribute ceremony that best reflects the life left behind.


I am able to custom create your order of service, offer special words, either scriptural, poetic or literature. If you have your own words, by all means, this is a wonderful form of self- expression. If you need assistance with the eulogy or any other verses or readings, I have many to draw from. As a Celebrant, I am able to work with many types of ceremonies, such as, but not limited to; Christian, Buddhist, Qabalah, Jewish, Gnostic, Atheist / Agnostic, Wicca/ Wizard, Druid, Celtic and other other spiritual beliefs, to name a few.  

Pagan Handfasting/ 

​Pagan handfasting is a term from an Old Irish common law that existed before any current legislation came into being.  The term "fast" means to make something secure. It can be a sailing term and not always exclusive for love relationships. It is also used in battle, where the leaders are handfasted to unite. A handfasting is a public commitment ceremony and if it is not done with a celebrant with a license from the Attorney General's Department, then it is only deemed a commitment/love ceremony, so to speak.


The value and meaning of the commitment comes down to the people's values on law and their commitment, it does not mean less of a commitment because of the law factor. A commitment is a commitment nonethelsess. The same for a Handparting ceremony, if a handfasting is done for a love commitment and the couple separate, a ceremony can be done to mutually and amicably, whereby, both parties part in a loving and honourable manner. This allows for a resolution and gives a sense of closure. 

Pet Funerals​


We live in harmony with our dearly loved pets, whether, they are of the furry, fluffy, scaly, slithery or bristly variety, nonetheless, we are bonded to various types of creatures and develop unconditional bonds of love, compassion and loyalty with our companions. ​

I am able to capture this special bond for you in an individually crafted ceremony to capture the life and uniqueness of your companion. I believe that all creatures, big and small are a part of Universal Creation, our beloved companions deserve respect and they are no less than humans, the trees and stars, we all have the right to be here and the right to a special tribute in memory of our precious existence.  If you want to have a ceremony to celebrate the life of your companion, your loyal best friend, then there is no better way, than having a ritual dedicated to the unique spirit of your pet. 

Boat Namings & Launches


Ship launching ceremonies have been conducted for thousands of years, with it many superstitions, similar to other rites of passage. The idea is that there are many stresses around launching a new boat or ship, which are not normally met, until the ship or vessel is launched into the water. This type of ceremony has long been seen in two ways; public celebration and solemn blessing. 

The ship launch ceremony is to invite good luck and this is done by christening the ship/ boat and breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow of the ship, as the ship is named aloud and launched. Here is a link to a website about maritime ship launches and some ones that, well didn't go to plan. Enjoy!

Baby Naming/ Spiritual Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are very important events, because a name is very personal, it has meaning and it is a way we identify with ourselves and others. Sometimes, when we think about a name it resonates with us and the person being named, for whatever reason, so it is important to mark the occasion with a wonderful, personalised ceremony, that suits the individual. Namings include, infants, youth and adults. In some forms of pagan and magickal systems, including wicca and wizardry, a person is given or selects a magickal name for themselves and a naming rite is conducted. It is very important to respect the ideals of name change and what it means to the person. There are also, many indigenous cultures, who initiate and give a spiritual name to outsiders who go in and learn of their culture and lifestyle. I once knew a lady, who moved into a spiritual commune and was re-named as part of that community and now, she only prefers to be known by her spirit name. 

House Cleansing, Blessings & Zone Rites

This is where some people may think, it's a little on the weird side. However, some other important rituals and ceremonies are; house cleansings, blessings and zone rites. Ceremonies and rituals are interconnected and there are some differences by explanation. Sometimes, people view rituals as a cultish type of event, which is not accurate, although cults use a lot of ritual. A ritual is something that we do on a regular basis and it can be repetitive. Like your morning ritual is structured in order to get ready and go to work in the fastest and most efficient manner, what happens when your morning routine is interrupted? Ritual can be viewed as a ceremony that is routine and has a type of structure to it. Rituals are done alone or in groups, whereby a lot of ceremonies are done in groups. Some magicians practise isolated ceremonial magick, which is different altogether and they practise this to enahnce their magickal practice and by practising on their own, they are more adept in group ceremonies. Ritual is best described as having specific actions or words, designed to produce results. Ceremony is best described as an outward celebration of a particular event or achievement. Both terms are interchangeable and often used together. 

So, why house cleansing and blessing? Some people say that energies can be felt in a home, whether from a disembodied spirit or vibes from previous occupants. Have you ever heard of the term, "if only these walls could talk." Well they do, it's just a matter of whether you are able to tune into the frequency of energy. You know when you walk into haunted house and you feel creepy right? How do you explain your feelings? Some people would say that you are crazy, but your instcincts are never wrong. So, I can tailor a cleansing and blessing ritual for your home. Also, if you are having boundary issues, there are zone rites that I can do to settle this. You see, we share our land with spirits of the departed or many types of elementals that we do not necessarily see, but they are there and a zone rite may be just what you need to create a peaceful and harmonious exeistence on your property.   

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